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The Worship Team expresses our gratitude to all who donated flags to honor those who have sacrificed so much for our country.

Given by:

In Memory of:

Steve, Louie & Charles Cheek

M. Thayer Causey, Uncle, Army Air Corps, WWII

Steve, Louie & Charles Cheek

M. Thayer Causey, Uncle, Army Air Corps, WWII

Sue & Donald Sims, Jr.
Donald J Sims, Sr., Donald’s Dad, Army, Vietnam Calvin C. Wilkinson, Sue’s Dad, Army, WWII
Brooke Herndon, Brittany Hartley, & Debbie Hartley
Fred Purvis, Dad/Granddad, Army, Korean conflict
Janice & Benny Puckett
W.A. Mercer, Janice’s Brother, Navy, WWII and Korea Lawson Mercer, .Janice’s Brother, Navy, Korea, died on active duty
James Sheriff, Janice’s Cousin, Army, Vietnam, KIA
Frances Sue & Wayne Anthony
Francis R. Brown, Frances Sue’s Dad, Army, WWII Pacific Theater
The Weiche family
Donald R. Weiche, Air Force, Korea

Marsha Clark & Deborah Fergusson

William Marshall Clark, Dad, Army, WWII

Jean Boyd

Martin L. Boyd, Husband, Navy, WWII

Rosalyn, Jennifer, Carl & Abby Puckett

Carl E. Puckett, Jr., Army Reserves

Wayne & Veda James

William Watson, Veda’s Dad, Navy, Korean conflict

Frank & Brenda Dowd

Merlin Don Kirksey, Brenda’s Dad, Army, WWII

Cathryn Bryant

Malcolm F. “Mack” Bryant, Husband, Army, WWII POW

Steve, Pam, & Clay Creech

Charles Eugene Gill, Pam’s Dad, Army, WWII

Ella, Christie, Ethan & Jaylynn Parks

Leonard Parks, Air Force, Vietnam

Russell & Dolores Lipford

Earl Manning Moxley, Dolores’ Dad, Staff Sgt., Army, WWII, Silver Star, Purple Heart, POW
Donnie & Susan Watson
Jesse Ray McInvale, Jr., Susan’s Dad, Navy, WWII George
Donnie & Susan Watson
T. Watson, Donnie’s Dad, Army, WWII
Donnie & Susan Watson
Larry Wayne Watson, Sr., Donnie’s Brother, Marines, Vietnam
Donnie & Susan Watson
Morton Stanley’ Lines, Susan’s Uncle, Army Air Corps,
WWII, KIA 2/19/44
Ralph & Debbie Baggs
John W. Bickley, Debbie’s Dad, Army, WWII
Ralph M. Baggs, Sr., Ralph’s Dad, Navy, WWII
Shirley Tolbert & family
David C. Tolbert, Jr., Air Force, Vietnam
Gregory & Monica Kell
Paul Mimbs, Monica’s Dad, Air Force, Thailand
Melba Mimbs
Mell Duggan, Melba‘s Dad, Navy, WWII
Arnold & Shirley Ludwig
Donald Kenneth Frye, Shirley’s Brother, 317th Infantry, WWII, KIA in France on 9/23/44
Al & Kathy Copp
Albert G. Copp, Sr., Army, WWII
The Stollenwerck family
Edward “Bo Stollenwerck, Captain, Marines, Vietnam, Bronze Star recipient
Steve & Sylvia Lindsey
Carl E. Puckett, Jr., Army Reserves
Steve & Sylvia Lindsey
All public safety officers killed in the line of duty
Eddie & Lisa Freeman
William Stephen Merritt, Lisa’s Dad, Navy
Eddie & Lisa Freeman
Paul E. Freeman, Sr., Eddie’s Dad, National Guard
Laura Pye & Lane Pye
Donald L. Pye, Sr., Husband & Dad, Lt. Colonel, Army, Lt., Dougherty Co. Sheriff’s Dept.
Pat & Greg Groves
Harold Seitz, Pat’s Dad, Navy, WWII Barney Groves, Greg’s Dad, Army
The Davis Family
Ronald P. Davis, volunteer fireman, Beach Cir, OH
The Combs Family
Grover Cleveland Combs, Jr., Navy, WWII, Pacific Theater 1943-1946, Distinguished Flying Cross
The Combs Family
Grover Cleveland Combs, Jr., Navy, WWII, Pacific Theater 1943-1946, Distinguished Flying Cross
Elizabeth Grace, Macky Grace & family
Walter Malcolm “Mac” Grace, Navy, WWII Pacific Theater
Elizabeth Grace, Macky Grace & family, Ginny Lycurgus & family, Nancy Grace & family
Walter Malcolm “Mac” Grace, Navy, WWII Pacific Theater
David Linch, Nancy Grace, John David & Lucy

Charles “Chuck” Linch, Navy, WWII Japanese Theater

Jerry & Laverne Tyson
Hannah & Eddie Tyson, Jerry’s parents
Murrie & J.C. Petty, Laverne’s parents
Mike Shepard
Charles Shepard, Army Air Corps, WWII, England
June & Tommy Parker
Julian Thomas Parker, Sr. Army, WWII
Wanda Diane Cline & Sara Skipper Whitten
Roy Whitten, Army Air Corps, WWII, Air Force, Korea
Wayne & Veda James
Homer Garrison, Army, WWII, D-Day invasion
Kim, Erica, Randall & Lilly
James “.I” F. Smith, Jr., Air Force

Given by:

In Honor of:

Eddie & Lisa Freeman
Chris Andrakin, Army, Afghanistan
Chris Westbrook
Mr. & Mrs. Claud E. Westbrook, Jr.
Cassandra Workman
Cullen K. Cummings, Eagle Scout
Steve, Pam & Clay Creech Cindy & Ernie McAmins
Melvin Creech, Dad, Army, WWII
Steve, Louie, & Charles Cheek
In honor and memory of all Liberty members who have served in the Armed Forces.
Janice Simpson Puckett
Benjamin “Benny” C. Puckett, Jr., Retired Lt. Col., Air Force
Blake & Jane Stoner
Col. Tommy Stoner, Air Force
Blake & Jane Stoner
Reggie Wilson, Army & Navy
Glenda Cope
Stanley R. Cope, Retired Air Force, Vietnam
Kathy Copp
Al Copp, Jr., Air Force, Vietnam
Jackie Huff & family
Walter Lamas Huff, Navy, Korean conflict
Hazel Stanton, Terri & Paige
Hillory Stanton, Army
Wendy Johnson, Susan Hammock, & Michael Wadsworth
Jim Wadsworth, Air Force
The Lanford family
Charles A. Lanford, Jr., Army
Braddy family
Bob Braddy, Navy, Cuban Missile Crisis
JoAnne Thompson & family
James V. “Tommy” Thompson, Navy
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